Wound Care

Foot and Leg Wound Care

Foot and Leg wounds normally heal without complications. Wounds slow to heal or failing to heal can result in pain, interrupt a person’s daily life, and increase risk for hospitalization. Poor circulation, diabetes, infection, skin cancer, pressure or repetitive trauma, are some of the factors which can prevent normal wound healing. When faced with a non-healing wound, your best option is to seek assistance from a healthcare professional with specialized training in wound care to identify the causes and prescribe a treatment plan to get you healed and back on your feet. At Treasure Coast Podiatry we have physicians, including a board certified wound care specialist, and staff to evaluate, treat and heal those difficult foot and leg wounds.

Dr. Scott F. Parratto

Treasure Coast Podiatry Surgeons have been expert Team Members of The David L. Smythe Wound Center at Martin Health since its inception in 2003.  Dr. Scott F. Parratto is our Board Certified Wound Care Specialist and has received specialized training in lower extremity wound care and management from the American Academy of Wound Management.  You can read more on Scott Parratto DPM FACFAS, CWS here.